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Why is backflow testing important?
December 21, 2020 at 10:30 PM
<strong>backflow testing will keep your family&#x27;s drinking water safe regardless of water main breaks and other issues.</strong>

Your plumbing is one of those things you don’t think about until something goes wrong–then it’s the only thing you can think about. Responsible homeownership is making sure the systems in your home are functioning and well maintained before an adverse event. The same way you clean your gutters to prevent water from leaking into your home, you should use a trained plumber to test and maintain your system.

Economy Plumbing Services is the trusted plumbers of Austin and Marble Falls, Texas. Our expert technicians not only perform repairs but check your system to make sure it’s functioning as expected.

What is backflow?

Consider yourself lucky if you’ve never experienced backflow difficulties firsthand. They’re not an uncommon problem in residential and commercial properties when a nearby water main breaks. If the pressure down-system becomes higher than that in your home, it pushes sewage back up the lines, causing it to flow up your drains.

Sewage in the home can cause an array of issues because it brings dangerous bacteria with it. Once they are in your plumbing, you and your family at risk of getting sick from assorted infections that can cause:

  • Ear, nose, throat, and eye infections
  • Ulcers
  • Muscle aches and vomiting

Not to mention the general unpleasantness associated with sewage present in your home. Backflow can bring more than just sewage with it and contaminate your family’s drinking water with:

  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Insecticides and Pesticides
  • Chlorine from pools
  • Soap and detergent from washing machines

Even a mild issue with backflow presents a severe threat to your family’s health. That’s why most homes have equipment in place to prevent backflow.

How can I prevent backflow?

Luckily, most homes have equipment in place to keep drinking water safe. Backflow preventers are installed into your home’s pipes. Their design prevents water explicitly from flowing back into your home when a water main breaks or a fire hydrant opens nearby.

Most newer homes have backflow preventers installed on their pipes when they’re constructed. If you’re living in an older home and haven’t had your plumbing system maintained in a while, you may not have the necessary measures in place to prevent backflow.

Economy Plumbing will evaluate your current system. We’ll make sure you have backflow preventers installed and that they’re functioning correctly by doing backflow testing. They may need simple repairs or replacement, which most homeowners would rather find out before they need their backflow preventer.

How is backflow testing done?

Backflow testing doesn’t take an entire day. When you schedule an appointment with Economy Plumbing, one of our technicians will take 20 to 30 minutes to examine the valves and air ports on the backflow preventer.

They make sure that there are no irregularities and the equipment performs as expected. If your preventer requires maintenance, they may take care of the issue right away, or you can schedule a second appointment for more extensive work.

To ensure your home and office plumbing is ready to prevent sewer backflow, call Economy Plumbing to set up testing and maintenance.

Economy Plumbing is the reliable plumbing service for Austin and Marble Falls, Texas. Our highly trained technicians will ensure your backflow preventers will keep sewage water out of your home or office in case of a water main break or other down-flow issues.

Even when things go wrong out there in the world, you can still count on your plumbing system to work the way it should. Especially if you haven’t had your backflow tested or maintained in a while, schedule an appointment with Economy Plumbing to prevent a dangerous disruption in your life from sewage backflow.