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Why You Should Consider Water Softener Installation in Austin
March 22, 2021 at 12:00 AM
Tap in home with soft water after water softener installation in Austin

Problems such as appliances constantly breaking down, high heating costs, and laundry and dishes that can’t seem to get clean may be the result of hard water in your Austin home. While other factors may be contributing to those issues, the minerals in Austin’s water supply play a big part.

At Economy Plumbing Services, we’ve helped our customers overcome those and other problems by installing water softeners.

If you’re wondering whether water softener installation in Austin is worthwhile, considering these benefits will help you come to an informed decision.

Less damage to household appliances

Hard water causes limescale buildup inside household pipes and various appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters. Apart from reducing the efficiency of your appliances, this buildup also leaves them more vulnerable to malfunctions.

In the end, you have to foot the bill for repair costs and eventual replacement.

Water softeners remove the troublesome minerals from your supply, enabling your household appliances to last longer and cause you less inconvenience.

Even if your appliances are currently ridden with limescale, water softener installation can still help. Your new supply of soft water gradually removes all existing scale.

Reduced strain on your heating system

Limescale in your heating system increases the amount of energy needed to heat water. Your bills go up as a result, and you may find yourself dealing with too little hot water in your household.

A water softener washes away limescale already in the system while preventing its reoccurrence. That leads to your home once again having as much hot water as your system supports, along with you seeing a reduction in your monthly bill.

Cleaner surfaces, dishes, and laundry

The calcium and magnesium in Austin’s water supply also affect how clean your home looks. You may have noticed a milky, cloudy substance that sticks to your faucets and bathroom surfaces, however long you spend scrubbing them.

That’s another result of hard water. And you may be noticing the same issue with your dishes, with the problem persisting whether you hand wash them or use the dishwasher.

Clothes, too, are affected by this problem. You may be finding that whites are picking up color after only just a few washes.

Water softener installation is an effective solution. Its descaling abilities allow you to do laundry and wash dishes with cleaner water. This results in softer, color-preserved clothes and clear dishes and cutlery.

Switching your home to soft water also means you won’t notice as much mineral deposit on your bathroom surfaces. When you clean them, you won’t need to use as much effort to get them to sparkle.

Healthier skin and hair

Soft water is especially beneficial if your skin is prone to losing moisture. Since soft water contains fewer minerals, it encourages your skin to pick up and retain moisture more easily.

Hard water, on the other hand, contains minerals that actively dry out your skin, which can result in prolonged itchiness and irritation. And research shows that hard water negatively affects the skin barrier function, contributing to the development of conditions such as eczema.

Soft water also balances your hair’s pH level, promoting growth and livelier color.

Get water softener installation in Austin from experienced professionals

Whether you’re looking to clean your home with greater ease, preserve your appliances, or encourage healthier hair and skin, getting a water softener is the right choice. Have yours installed by Economy Plumbing Service, Austin’s most trusted plumbers. Reach out today or call us at 512-649-2811.