Why Rheem?

At Economy Plumbing Services, we only install time-tested, proven, reliable products. We make every effort to provide our customers with the most value-oriented products and services we can find. We use methods that are thought-out and intended to make each job as efficient as possible so that we can pass those savings on to you. Sometimes, the savings are over the course of several months or years, and sometimes those savings are realized immediately.

It is this vision that has brought us to our only tank-type water heater brand we provide: Rheem. We have found that every other brand water heater in the market have adopted materials and valves that severely limit, alter, or reduce the long-term (and in many cases, short-term) reliability of their products.


Rheem is currently the only gas water heater that uses time-tested heating valves and parts: the gas valve, the thermocouple, and the pilot assembly are the same technology and same reliability that has been used for decades to heat water. Newer gas water heaters must have over-heat protection, in the event a flammable gas vapor should enter the burn chamber, or some other malfunction should occur, the units must shut down the flame. Rheem’s design allows for consistent reliable function of the water heater without any extra sensors or filters that truthfully can never be fully cleaned. Whereas other brands (and even the Rheem retail line) have adopted less-reliable and consistently failing gas control valves which have traded in the tried & true thermocouple for a thermopile configuration.


It is this same vision that is apparent with Rheem professional products that leads us to trust Rheem for their electric water heaters: stainless steel (vs copper) heating elements, full-port drain-down valves, side and top-mounted T & P drain valves, quality heat-trap connectors, and reliable thermostats with upgraded water connections all cause us to consistently trust Rheem for long-term reliability.


Rheem sells products in box stores – be careful! These products may be marketed under the same name, but are not the same units. Plastic drain valves, copper heating elements, questionable assembly and tank-lining practices – these are all things the retail line of any brand water heater share – ultimately leading to costly upgrades or sooner replacements.

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