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Choosing Water Heater Replacement or Repair in Austin
July 30, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Water heater repair in Austin, TX.

Your home’s plumbing is one of those things that you never think about until something goes wrong. It’s natural to count on your water heater to do its job until your morning shower is freezing or there’s a minor flood in your basement. It takes no time at all to go from plumbing that operates perfectly to dealing with an emergency in your home. For most people, it’s tough to tell a broken home appliance from one that only needs a simple repair. When you hire professionals with integrity, they’ll evaluate your appliances and give you honest advice about when it’s time to repair versus when you need a water heater replacement in Austin.

The basics of water heater operation

Your water heater has a straightforward job that doesn’t require a lot of mechanics. Few moving parts mean opportunities for breakages and appliance failures. For that reason, your home may have a water heater that’s 15 or 20 years old–long overdue for a replacement.

Most water heaters have tanks that fill with your home’s water supply. They use either electric or gas elements at the bottom of the tank to heat the water to somewhere between 120 and 140 degrees. As the water warms, it creates pressure in the tank, which delivers the hot water to an open tap anywhere in your home.

Common repairs that plumbers can do on your water heater

With such a simple operation, there are only a few places on a water heater where things can break or go wrong. When you have an Austin professional plumbing service examine your appliance, they’ll offer a same-day diagnosis of the issue. Once they figure out the problem, they’ll suggest either a water heater replacement or one of these common repairs:

The pilot light has gone out

While the pilot light can go out without cause, it may be a sign of an underlying issue such as a defective gas valve or a problem with the thermocouple. Both are repairs a licensed service technician can make.

The water heater tripped the circuit breaker

You might need extensive repairs if your water heater trips the circuit breaker or blows a fuse often. But when you’re facing a cold shower in the morning, first check if you need to flip the circuit breaker.

Broken or malfunctioning heating elements

Broken heating elements might include leaking gaskets, faulty valves, or an incorrect temperature setting. When broken parts cause water heater malfunctions, a plumber can advise you if you need a simple repair or a full water heater replacement.

The plumbing connections are faulty

There are many plumbing connections on even the most straightforward water heater. Sometimes improper installation or natural wear and tear can cause one of those connections to be faulty and need replacement.

Signs you need an Austin water heater replacement.

Often a repair is the answer if you’re dealing with cool or cold water from your water heater. However, a puddle surrounding your water heater is a sign of a leak that will require a water heater replacement.

There are corrosive minerals in all water that degrade the tanks of water heaters. When the corrosion reaches the outside of the tank, it causes a leak that cannot be repaired. However, water heater replacement in Austin gives you the opportunity to improve your home’s value and energy efficiency with a modern appliance or tankless water heater.

Have Economy Plumbing Services examine your broken plumbing for water heater replacement in Austin.

We believe every customer of Economy Plumbing Services is a VIP. That’s why we’re committed to providing the Austin area with reliable, professional service for their homes and businesses. All of our service technicians have passed the rigorous state licensing requirement, including thorough background checks. We bring a dedicated commitment to honesty and integrity to every service call, plus a tenacity to see every job done the right way to our customer’s satisfaction.

If you’re having plumbing issues and wonder if you need a water heater replacement in Austin, call us to schedule a same-day service visit at 512-649-2811.