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Signs you need a toilet repair service in Marble Falls, TX
April 19, 2022 at 7:00 AM
A empty toilet roll with 'Don't Panic' written on it in marker.

Toilet issues are more than an inconvenience. While it is possible to live with some toilet problems, eventually, a toilet repair service in Marble Falls, TX, is essential to avoid costly damage to your property. Fortunately, at Economy Plumbing, we are the leading Austin-based plumbing service. With decades of experience, we are family-owned and operated, and we treat each customer like our closest friends and family with tailored, honest, and quality plumbing solutions.

Here are signs you need toilet repairs:

Your toilet keeps running.

If your toilet is constantly running, you need toilet repair services in Marble Falls, TX. A running toilet can cost significant sums of money in utility bills as it wastes gallons of water per day.

If you have not flushed your toilet and it is constantly refilling, and you hear it constantly running, this signals an issue. The problem is often a defective flapper. The flapper is the seal separating the toilet’s tank from the bowl that allows water to flood into the bowl.

Still, several things can cause this issue, so the best course of action is to tighten the knob on the wall behind the toilet to turn off the water connected to it while you wait for a plumber to diagnose the problem.

If your toilet keeps running, you need expert services. At Economy Plumbing Services, we can diagnose the problem and remediate it at its root.

Your toilet keeps leaking.

Another sign you need toilet repair services in Marble Falls, TX, is your toilet keeps leaking. This causes significant property damage and poses a health hazard.

Your toilet can leak from the tank or base. Regardless of where it is leaking from, a plumber is the only way to resolve this issue. From the tank, the issue is usually the seal between the tank and bowl. From the base, it is usually the large wax seal beneath the toilet.

This seal blocks the water and waste you flush from seeping out. The seal can dry out and cause leakage, which is a severe health hazard. More severely, this causes water to not just leak into your bathroom but beneath the floor of your bathroom in what we refer to as a slab leak.

Lastly, a cracked tank or bowl can also cause leakage. If you notice puddles pooling around or a repugnant odor emanating from your toilet, it is imperative to call a plumber. These issues only get worse and cause extensive, costly damage.

At Economy Plumbing Services, we can find the root and fix it before it does expensive or irreversible damage.

Your toilet keeps clogging.

If your toilet is constantly clogging, you need a toilet repair service in Marble Falls, TX.

While it’s normal for toilets to clog occasionally, frequent clogs require something with more power than a plunger to resolve. Typically, more stubborn clogs within the plumbing cause frequent clogging. These clogs within the plumbing require special tools and expertise to dislodge.

Things flushed down the toilet like toys or washcloths often cause more severe clogs. However, pressure imbalances within your plumbing system can also cause clogs, which prevent water from properly flowing down the drain and into the sewer system.

Regardless of what is causing the clog, if your toilet consistently clogs, only a plumber has the tools and expertise to remediate this issue.

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If you need a toilet repair service in Marble Falls, TX, Economy Plumbing Services is the most trusted Austin-based service. We take the time to diagnose the issue and resolve it at its root using unrivaled industry experience and expertise. More importantly, we do not serve customers. As a local business, we serve our friends and neighbors. Call now to get started!