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Requirements to Become a Commercial Plumber at Economy Plumbing Services
November 16, 2022 at 4:00 PM
Plumber working under sink

Are you considering a career in plumbing? It's a stable, secure profession that offers growth opportunities. Plus, it's a trade that will always be in demand, as we all need plumbing.

At Economy Plumbing Services, we seek talented and professional plumbers to join our team. We service both Austin and Marble Falls, TX, so if you're looking for an opportunity to work with a reputable company in a fast-paced and growing industry, this may be the perfect role for you!

This blog post will outline your requirements to become a commercial plumber with us.

Complete an approved training program

The first step to becoming a commercial plumber is to complete an approved and proper training program.

You could complete an apprenticeship program, working alongside experienced professionals to learn the trade. This takes approximately 2 years to obtain a Tradesman license, but a journeyman license will take approximately 4 years.

Get licensed

After you've completed a certification program, the next step is to obtain your plumbing license. Before getting a license, you must pass an administered exam that tests your knowledge of plumbing codes and regulations.

Every aspiring plumber from the state of Texas must apply for a license to practice commercial plumbing. This, in turn, protects the public from subpar workmanship and helps to ensure that commercial plumbers are held to a high standard. The same goes for our commercial plumbers at Economy Plumbing Services. We only hire licensed plumbers so that we can be confident in the quality of work being provided.

Become insured

As a commercial plumber, you'll need insurance to protect yourself and our business from potential liability. This insurance will help to cover any damages that may occur while you're working, as well as any medical expenses that may be incurred if someone is injured while you're on the job.

At Economy Plumbing Services, we want every unsafe situation made safe, as commercial plumbing sometimes involves working in dangerous environments.

Gain experience

The more knowledge you have working in the field, the better equipped you'll be to handle situations that come your way.

One way to gain experience is to complete an internship with a local plumbing company. This will allow you to shadow experienced plumbers and learn about the day-to-day tasks involved in commercial plumbing. Alternatively, you could also work as a helper for a commercial plumbing company. This job involves assisting plumbers with their work and can be a great way to learn the ropes.

No matter how you gain experience, you must have some prior knowledge before applying for the role of a commercial plumber at Economy Plumbing Services. This will help to ensure that you're fully prepared for the challenges that come with the job.

Call us today to get started!

If you meet all the requirements and are interested in becoming a commercial plumber at Economy Plumbing Services, we encourage you to apply today. As a reputable Austin-based company, you will join a team of adept professionals committed to providing the finest plumbing services possible. Plus, we treat each other as a family here, so you can be sure that you'll join a positive and supportive work environment. Contact us at (833) 244-2650 to get started.