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Hiring a Handyman vs. a Commercial Plumber for Your Business
April 21, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Hiring commercial plumbers Austin, TX.

Few things are more stressful than a plumbing issue, whether it’s your home or business. But when you’re handling a complicated repair or remodel at your business, you’re facing downtime, lost revenue, and service interruptions to your clients and customers. If you have a trusted handyman that works on your home, it’s tempting to reach out to them to repair plumbing problems in your business. But an Austin, TX commercial plumber has the experience, knowledge, and tenacity for prompt, reliable repairs.

Plumbers have dedicated training and meet licensing requirements.

When you have a dozen minor problems around your business, you may decide to call a handyperson because they have experience in an array of repairs. From hanging shelves to replacing flooring or landscaping and fixing windows, they can tackle a list of problems in a single day. However, their broad knowledge means they may not have the dedicated experience to recognize the source of a plumbing problem and the expertise to repair it.

Commercial plumbers in Austin, TX must meet strict licensing requirements. They have to work at least 8,000 hours as an apprentice under the direct supervision of another licensed plumber. Many companies like Economy Plumbing Services conduct background checks on their plumbers. You can trust them to work unsupervised in your business while you get on with your day.

A handyman may cost you more money in the long run.

There’s no denying that a handyman costs less initially. As commercial plumbers in Austin, TX, many of our jobs are to fix the inexperienced or unethical work of unlicensed handypersons. But there are other ways that a handyman can cost you more money than just calling a plumber.

Those thousands of hours of supervised plumbing work mean that licensed Texas plumbers can make repairs faster than someone without the same experience. A handyperson may struggle to work on your business’s plumbing system for a day before resolving the issue, where a plumber could spend an hour and accomplish the same task.

Commercial plumbers also have access to all the equipment, parts, and tools that they need to get the work done. If your system requires a specialty part, plumbers can source from their network of suppliers. A handyman is relying on retail products and the equipment in his toolbox and truck–and they may not be sufficient to get the work done.

Plumbers will ensure your building meets city code and local ordinances.

You may prioritize getting a fast repair over city code when you’re dealing with a plumbing crisis at your business. But hiring someone who doesn’t know local ordinances for commercial plumbing systems can cost you more in the long run. Consider you may need more time where your business isn’t operational because an Austin, TX commercial plumber has to fix the handyman’s work.

Codes and ordinances ensure your system meets a standard of service and accessibility and will handle the rigors of daily use in a commercial setting. You won’t have to worry about receiving citations in the future because a handyman either didn’t know - or didn’t care - that his work didn’t meet regulation.

Call Economy Plumbing Services for a reliable Austin, TX commercial plumber.

Our service technician team is more than just plumbers, we’re experienced professionals who bring integrity to every service call and tenacity to get the job done. We understand how stressful it is dealing with plumbing system problems as a business owner. That’s why we provide prompt, reliable service with easy online scheduling and upfront pricing.

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