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Gas Line Installation in Marble Falls: Can I Do It Myself?
August 19, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Gas Line Installation in Marble Falls: Can I Do It Myself?

When you think of gas line installation in Marble Falls, you may not believe that a plumber is the right person to call for the job. However, gas plumbers are skilled professionals that handle home repair and maintenance work. This includes running new gas lines for gas stove installations or outdoor grills or adding new gas lines for additions or remodels. Plumbers with experience in gas line installation and repair can combine your gas line job with other plumbing services like sewer line repair and mainline maintenance.

If you own a home, you may need a new gas line installation or repair if you add to your home or renovate. You may wonder whether you can install your own gas line instead of hiring a plumber. However, even if you’re a do-it-yourself (DIY) homeowner, we’ll explain a few reasons why you should consider hiring a plumber over doing the work yourself.

Do you need professional gas line services for your home?

In today’s digital age, you can likely go online and find instructional videos that show a step-by-step process for gas line installation. You may think you don’t need to spend money on a plumber and can handle the installation yourself. But before you do it, take some time to evaluate your options.

Gas line installation in Marble Falls can be more complicated than you think. The risks of making a mistake can be more costly than hiring a professional plumber. If you make a mistake, it can not only be hazardous but also fatal. This is because replacing a leaking gas line or putting one in yourself can cause an explosion or fire. Another reason to hire a plumber is that they can handle any unforeseen problems that crop up.

Other things to consider with gas line installation

In addition to gas line installation being dangerous, there are other things you should consider when debating whether to do the job yourself or hire a professional plumber. These include:

  • Codes: If you hire a licensed, professional plumber, they will ensure that your gas lines are installed per city codes and regulations. These codes are written to ensure everyone’s safety and are updated with new technology. Technicians who work on installing and repairing new gas lines daily are knowledgeable about what they must do to make sure the job is done correctly.
  • Permits: Depending on the gas line you install and where, it may require a permit and inspection from the city you live in. If your city requires a permit for a job, the only person able to pull the permit and request an inspection is a licensed plumber. Additionally, if you choose to install your gas line yourself, you could face extra fees from the city or be required to remove the line and have it re-run by a licensed plumber.
  • Insurance: Working with gas pipes and other lines can be dangerous, which is why plumbers pay high insurance premiums. Before you decide to lay your own gas lines, you should talk to your insurance provider and ask whether your homeowner's insurance will pay for damages if something goes wrong because of the work you did yourself.

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