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5 Things To Do When A Toilet Plunger Doesn’t Work.
September 21, 2021 at 4:00 AM
This is a picture of a toilet needing a toilet repair.

It happens to the best of us. The toilet gets mysteriously clogged up, and you’re left plunging for what seems like an eternity. In some cases, this means you might be in need of the best toilet repair services in Austin, TX. In any case, when there’s no end in sight to your plunging journey, you can try a few different solutions to get things flushed out before you decide to call in the professionals. 

Try using dish soap. 

Cereal bowls aren’t the only type of bowl you can clean with dish soap. The toilet bowl can also benefit from it. Immediately after the toilet clogs, use dish soap to lubricate the pipe and eradicate the junk clogging it.  

Hot water. 

Without heating the water to a boil, collect a bucket of hot water and prepare to pour it all down the toilet in one fluid motion. The momentum coming from the stream of water will create enough pressure to unclog the toilet. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of avoiding boiling water, as this can potentially crack the porcelain in the toilet. 

Create your own drain snake. 

Once you’ve determined what’s clogging the pipe, a drain snake might be your best option. Luckily for you, these can be fashioned out of a clothes hanger. Simply push one end into the drain and dig until the debris clears out. 

Try the natural solution. 

We don’t exactly have a name for it, but pouring 1 cup of baking soda and 2 cups of vinegar into the toilet can do the trick. Let the mixture sit there for about 30 minutes. If nothing happens and the pipe doesn’t clear, pour hot water in like we mentioned above. 

Quick recap: collect a bucket of hot water and pour into the toilet with one fluid motion, relying on the pressure from the pour to relieve the clog. 

The old water bottle trick. 

Using a plastic water bottle, you can create enough pressure to clear the drain. First, remove as much water as possible from the toilet, then fill a plastic bottle with warm water. Placing your thumb over the very top of the bottle, insert the bottle into the drain. Relieve your thumb from its position and squeeze the bottle to shoot water up into the pipe with force. The debris clogging it should clear out from the pressure. 

No plunger, no problem. Contact us! 

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