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5 Reasons You Should Call a Plumbing Expert
May 11, 2020 at 4:00 AM
Economy Plumbing Services is your expert in Austin, TX.

The experts at Economy Plumbing Services know that few things cause more dread among homeowners than plumbing issues.

Most homeowners keep basic tools on hand to perform minor plumbing tasks such as unclogging a toilet or replacing a worn washer on a faucet handle. But from leaking pipes and malfunctioning hot water tanks to toilets that will not stop running, there are times when calling a professional plumber is necessary.

Five Times to Call the Professionals

While some minor plumbing repairs are easy to make, when is it time to call in the professionals? Let’s take a look at some plumbing issues that should never be tackled by a plumbing novice.

1. There is no running water in the house. 

In this era of modern conveniences — like running water — we expect to turn the knob on the faucet and for water to magically stream out. When that doesn't happen, it can cause panic and major inconvenience to homeowners. And while it's not a common problem, it is definitely one of those times when a professional plumber should be called. 

The experts at Economy Plumbing Services will first determine if the problem is localized around one area of your home, or if the water supply is interrupted to the entire house. If the water supply works in some areas but not others, our team will troubleshoot to find the cause and make the necessary repairs. If water service is interrupted to the entire home, it may signal a serious issue such as exterior water line breaks or leaks at the water meter.

2. There is a funky smell in your house. 

Smells happen in homes, and they can be caused by any number of reasons. Odors that resemble rotten eggs could signal a gas leak in the home. If you're using a natural gas hot water tank and detect this kind of smell is present near the tanks, immediately call a professional plumber. Gas hot water tanks are equipped with a thermocouple, which will automatically shut off the gas supply to the tank under certain conditions to prevent gas buildup within the tank. Our experts can make the appropriate repairs to parts of the tank, or install a new one, to remedy the situation.

3. There is a rapid drainage line leak. 

Kitchen and bathroom sinks can develop leaks from the traps, located below the counter. It is a fairly common issue that most homeowners can repair. However, some leaks occur in the drainage lines that are not as easy to access. Some may be located behind a wall or under a floor, which requires a lot more work and skill to reach. Calling the experts at Economy Plumbing Services is the best way to quickly remedy the situation.

4. The toilet won’t stop running.

We’ve all had it happen: You flush the toilet, wait and five minutes later, it’s still running. And running. When jiggling the handle doesn’t solve the problem, it may be time to call in the professionals. Sometimes a running toilet signals a much bigger plumbing issue, like a leaking tank or water line. Our experts can test for leaks and other complex issues to find the right solution to the problem.

5. You need to install new plumbing.

It goes without saying that when installing new plumbing, it is probably best to hire professionals to ensure the work is done correctly to prevent problems down the road. Most new construction also needs permitting, which requires professionals to complete the work.

Let Us Be Your Plumber

Whether you're dealing with a clogged toilet or a leaking hot water tank, contact Economy Plumbing Services for fast and reliable service. There is no plumbing issue too big or too small for us to tackle. We have the tools and experience to solve any plumbing problem. Contact us online or call us today at (512) 649-2811 for all your plumbing service needs in Austin, TX.