You may not think about your household plumbing until something goes horribly wrong. But there may already be plumbing problems in your home that you’ve ignored or haven’t discovered. When a plumbing issue in your home is found, what do you do?

This article will explain the most common plumbing issues in Austin, TX.

1. Slab leaks

If your home is built on a slab, leaks can develop as your house settles, the ground shifts, or the slab shifts. This can cause any plumbing pipes extended through the slab to move, creating leaks. These problems can take a while to notice, which can cause extensive damage to your home.

One clear sign that you may have plumbing problems is if you see your water bill increasing or your well pump running more often. You will want to hire a professional plumber to fix any slab leaks, as the work involved usually requires precision equipment.

2. Leaking pipes

Plumbing and sewer lines are typically hidden from sight, making it hard to detect leaks. When fittings loosen, pipes crack, or wear out, leaks develop. 

Here are a few things you can watch out for to detect leaking pipes:

  • You notice brownish-colored stains on your ceiling or walls.
  • Your water bill drastically increases, or the well pump runs more often.
  • You notice areas of the ceiling or wall are wet or dripping water.
  • You see water pooling in the basement or under your crawl space.

The work involved in repairing leaking pipes can be extensive. After a leak is detected, a plumber must be called to remove the drywall and repair the lines. Any moisture found inside the ceiling or walls will also need to be removed before the drywall is replaced.

3. Tree roots

Tree roots can easily grow into sewer pipes, creating various leaks. Luckily, there are a few options if you find tree roots creating sewer clogs. First, you can have your sewer line cleaned out by a professional and the tree roots removed. This is typically a short-term solution, as the tree roots will grow back if you do not remove them or find the source where they got into the sewer line. And if your sewer line has already collapsed, you can have it replaced. There are a few different sewer line replacements your plumber can present to you, so you can decide what will work best.

4. Dripping faucets

Dripping faucets are a common household problem. The constant dripping can become annoying and wastes water. You can typically replace the faucet, which will cost less than installing a new one.

5. Frozen pipes

You may not think about pipes freezing in your Austin, TX, home. However, temperatures can dip below freezing at night if a cold front passes through. And if it stays cold for long enough, your pipes can burst, creating a water mess in your basement or crawl space. The best way to ensure your pipes don’t freeze is to insulate them. You can have them individually wrapped by a professional or verify that they have already been insulated to prevent them from freezing.

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